Inter Regional Championships 2018

By | 31st May 2018

SEVA Results 2018

Congratulations to the South East players and coaches of the Junior boys and girls squads who played at the Inter Regional Championships last weekend.
Thanks go to all the coaches and managers who gave their time to train and prepare the squads and then take them to the competition. This is a massive commitment and we are very lucky to have so many coaches who are willing to give their time so freely.

Under 15 Girls -4th

1st – London

2nd North West

3rd West Midlands

4th South East

5th South West

6th East Midlands

7th East

8th Yorkshire

Under 17 Girls – 2nd

1st North West

2nd South East

3rd South West

4th West Midlands

5th East

6th East Midlands

7th London

Under 15 Boys – 2nd 

1st London

2nd South East

3rd East

4th West Midlands

5th South West

6th North West

7th East Midlands

8th Yorkshire

Luke Honeybun MVP U15 Boys

Under 17 Boys – 4th

1st West Midlands

2nd South West

3rd London

4th South East

5th North East

6th East

7th Yorkshire

8th East Midlands

9th North West